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Pantry items such as fruit-sweetened conserves, chili, coconut products such as coconut milk and coconut water, beverage alternatives to milk, whole-grain cereals and cereal bars, brown rice pasta, healthy condiments and oils, sprouted grain flours, carob treats and much more.
Frozen goods such as organic vegetables and fruits, manna bread (sprouted grain), rice burgers, cultured vegetables, dairy free ice cream, organic meat products and more.
Refrigerated items such as butter, kombucha drinks, vegenaise and more.
Raw goods selection including raw shredded coconut and coconut chunks, sprouted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin chips and granola, wild, dried fruits such as mulberries and goji berries and more.
SAMI’s wheat and gluten free products, including bread, pita- style chips, spinach pies , pizza crust and more.
Little Stream Bakery real sourdough breads, honey sweetened carrot cake and fruit pastries.
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